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, long after the battle ends. >> we don't just mean this lasts for a few years, we mean now tomorrow and forever. and not just for generations passed, but for this generation of veterans and all who will follow. >> president barack obama also hosted a breakfast for veterans at the white house. [applauds] [applauds] >> 107-year-old richard overtown there in the middle of the screen believed to be the oldest veteran received a standing avenue evacuation and he was a member of the engineer brat tall beyond and -- battalion and he was with an all black all combat army unit. >>> and in the wake of a huge scrap fire imagine and. on sea part weight on management. this is just how badly the air quality from that smoke was. >> reporter: it was 113 micrograms and the standard is 35 mike programs of -- micrograms. it has put a shelter in place warning. >> carlos alexa maldonado dough a father of two said he watch a smokey hastenville lop the area. >> we tried to escape it but the smell was seeping through. walls. >> reporter: the fire started at the sims metal management yard. people in several
children accountability if you don't hold the adults accountable. >> the system case after receiving reports of a student with a gun on yale campus. he told his roommate he had a gun and was headed to the campus. at least two people saw a man with a gun on campus. students are on thanksgiving break a marine corp veteran is credited with saving a woman's life. she was apparently distraught when she jumped and it was at the end of a titans game. the man lunged to catch her and he was seriously injured. >> i yelled at her, please don't do it ten times and she crawled off the edge and jumped. >> authorities have not released her name or the name of the map who was there during her fall. >>> regulators close and the contra costa a times tram she did no -- she did she did not mention her regulators and they did not catch the admission. >>> a high school coach was killed while trying to help others. they have an event trying to honor him. >>> will the cold last if you have to travel for the holiday? steve paulson will be here with year free thanks giving turkey and beal and we will tell you
. let's move as fast as possible. don't put it on the back burner. know there's people that, humans, that are living around all of this and get it cleaned up. >> reporter: nobody officially knows the shards' origin but it's likely from when treasure island was a naval station. residents were never notified of the shards. the recent memo indicates not enough testing is being done and it urges the navy to continue testing especially the risk that kids could pick up a radioactive piece. >> i'm scared for my baby. i feel like he's getting the repercussions of what's going on. it seems like nobody cares. nobody wants to hear anything about it. >> the new information we're learning this information is that four members of the state department of health are here on treasure island, checking up on radiation levels here. ultimately, the plans are to renovate this area to a development. but with the radiation concerns they need to address that first. we tried numerous times to contact the navy about this. they didn't return our phone calls. we also tried contacting jane kim, supervisor. this
to paid vacation time. >> people don't wish for their loved ones to become ill. people don't wish to have to stay home and take care of a parent or a child and those who do should have our hearts and our thoughts and our commitment be with them. not enter into another dispute. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. board members have told ktvu this lank would be too much -- this language would be too much to pay without aneacket ecthe operating -- affecting the operating budget. today, union members and even a former negotiator said for the agency to go back on its word now would be a serious blow to labor management. >> the devastation this will have on the morale and the relationship between wees, if you don't ratify this agreement, you ain't seen something yet. >> reporter: again, b.a.r.t. board members are voting. it does look like they will reject the contract as it stands with that clause in it. i have to tell you being in that boardroom, the same accrow mownny that i saw during the b.a.r.t. strike and during the negotiations seems to have brinked back up. tom vacar is in the room. we'll have more o
and market and he died as well. it's sad. >> if you reduce the number of cars, where are they gonna go? i don't know what could be done quite honestly. maybe an overpass or an underpass or something. >> reporter: now, at this point, investigators say they will be reviewing the footage from the video cameras in their investigation. these cameras went live pretty recently on november 1st. as we take it back out here live, the sign was put out here recently, the violations will cost drivers $238. again this victim has not been identified but we hope to have more information during the ktvu news at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. we're live here from san francisco, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, brian. >>> the man accused of killing a federal investigator appeared in an oakland courtroom a few hours ago for a preliminary hearing. randy alano faces life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted of killing san drew coke. police found her body in vacaville back in august nearly a week after she was reported missing from her oakland home. investigators say the man m
the ability to keep their current healthcare plans. >> if this letter makes more promise for us, that we don't need at this moment. >> the letter says due to the affordable care act gloria's health insurance care is cancelled. >> i don't know what is going to happen. >> they don't know who to trust. >> this came on us like a ton of bricks. >> i think it is fair to say the roll out has been rough so far. >> facing credit simple from them the president announced a change to the act allowing people who received those cancellation notices to keep their healthcare plans for one year after all. >> to those americans i hear you loud and clear, i said that i would do everything i can to fix this problem and today i am offering an idea to help do it. >> they scheduled a vote on friday, he says that won't change it. >> when it comes to obamacare it is clear the american people simply can't trust this white house. >> republicans and even democrats in congress aren't satisfied with the president's proposal. the house has scheduled a vote on that republican plan on friday, live in washington, justin gray
rose. >> don't touch me! don't touch me! >> reporter: one impatient driver ran over the foot of this oakland officer. >> hey! yeah! [bleep] >> all right! >> reporter: he was okay. but moments later, at another gate look closely because a protester comes up on the hood of this car as it drives into the port. >> we'll just continue to exercise patience, do our best to get people to comply with us. >> reporter: as the sun rose, so did tensions. >> this is the wrong thing to be doing. you are affecting livelihoods right now. >> reporter: but protesters kept ploking roads and police -- blocking roads and police kept clearing them. >> reporter: are you mad at the truck drivers? >> no, not at all. they are with us. >> reporter: all of this over new emissions standards that go into effect january 1st. for some drivers, that means buying new trucks and these truckers say they cannot afford it. >> it. [ cheers ] >> reporter: at least three people were cited this morning, including this woman who made a ran for it and this woman. >> whether i did get cited. >> reporter: and they relea
. >> now we don't have to go all the way to tahoe. >> i used to work in lake tahoe. >> the at end of the day -- at the end of the day, we have a feeling of gratitude. >> reporter: this casino has given 2200 people jobs and a sense of hope and pride. >> at low of times people -- a lot of times people go through their entire lives without winning. we've won today. >> reporter: creators say this is the only casino in the world that has a skylight in its bar. another unique, the ice is created on the roof and dropped through this chute where it pops out for bartenders to grab. smoking is allowed in all areas except the poke poker rooge and the restaurants. while impressive on the inside, some neighbors fear on the outside, i the casino would create -- fear the casino would create crime and traffic and noise issues. >> i can't come very often, my husband already told me. >> reporter: tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> as the holiday travel season approaches, major changes are coming to the bay area's busiest airport to help alleviate frequent delays. >>> it's a warmer day around t
emmanuel courthouse. we don't know if he's going to be charged as an adult or could be facing enhanced charges for a hate crime. we say that because the victim in this case is agender. he is a gender activist. fleischmann was asleep on a you public bus when another passenger lit his skirt on fire. we spoke to the school director in berkley this morning who says sasha is a straight a student, extremely agree gra glaruous and charming. >> she's extremely liked. she's a national merit scholarship, semifinalist, very proud of that. >> reporter: he writes, i just came out as gender year to my parents. basically i don't identify as masculine or feminine. he became involved in the issue of nongender gathering 27,000 signatures on the internet in hoping to bring the subject to president obama's attention. he's at st. francis hospital in san francisco right now. leneed to undergo extensive skin grafting due to second and third-degree burns on his legs. supporters have already raised more than $21,000 for his recovery. live from oakless, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a hearing to re
that -- the city of vallejo don't anything do anything about. it's a shame that people have to lose their lives in order for them to consider to do something. >> reporter: we spoke to andrews's caretaker who said he used to work in computers. he has a daughter and was chatty, friendly and a well- known fixture in town. live from vallejo, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. >>> new at noon -- a generous gesture extended to the family of kevin san. he's the 16-year-old killed in a deadly crash in san francisco nearly two months ago. it happened when a speeding driver slammed into his family's minivan on the city street while on his way to school. today mike mibach was there while the family received a major donation in his honor. >> reporter: good afternoon. it was short, but still quite an emotional get together at the taraville police station. the peace officers association greatly impacted emotionally by the death of the boy. they decided to sphund raise and they handed over a check for $8,061 to the boy's father. the student was killed in the horrific crash at pine and gof
to the floor. so it's like, you know, we don't know where it's coming from. we just know it's close. we drop on the floor, everybody get down. went around the house to make sure everybody was okay. >> reporter: the violence was so bad, she says her little sister can'ted by her bike down the street -- can't ride her bike down the street. the police showed up with a turkey and this made her feel better. >> it scared my sister, like the oakland police. it was nice. the police are trying to help out the community and stuff like that. especially with what happened last night. >> reporter: we have been speaking with oakland police off camera. they say they are still working to develop leads and they are still looking for witnesses if anyone saw the shooting. they say you can contact them at oakland police. live in oakland, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> the oakland teen accused of setting another teen on fire on an an a.c. transit bus is due in route. the attorney for richard thomas is trying to block efforts by the prosecution to try his client as an adult. thomas is accuse
making sure that employees at the nearby businesses don't come running into this because earlier this morning, a car did come crashing into it because there was no yellow tape up at the time. they are wondering when public works crews will come. >> it would seem like somebody would be out here trying to do something about it. i got here about 7:30 this morning and it was downed and, you know, this is obviously a busy thoroughfare going through to 880. >> reporter: public works crews are coming because of the calls of downed trees. the department received 120 kiles for service that trees or limbs had fallen on the tree. here's video of a tree that had not been cleared in lake merritt. public crews don't have enough staff. so they've been responding to the most critical first. in one of the more serious accidents a tree fell on a car and a bunch of power lines. >> i heard like a crash and a big spark. kids came running in the room. the lights were out. that's when we all came outside. >> we were watching the water. trying to be careful. >> reporter: the fierce winds killed two peop
: tori these documents the house oversight committee sent me don't bode well for the obama administration, the arm of the federal government in charge of implementing it handed these over and show six people enrolled on day one, 250 signed up by the end of day 2, the office said 7 million people need to enroll by march 31st or it won't by financially viable, that means taxpayers could foot the bill if the government needs to inject money into the program or if premiums skyrocket but experts say modest numbers were expected and providers won't be scared out of the market. the administration is counting on it working efficiently to attract customers. >> they are claiming november 30th they will be ready, we want to help make sure they will and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> she says the website is improving every day. she says she will release the official number of people enrolled in obamacare by the middle of this month. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> google and ora kel are helping fix the problems, they say it is part of what it calls team surge and goo
is privately funded and is set to open in 2016. >>> well, we don't usually talk about any rain. that's because we haven't had much really in the last ten months. there was a little bit this morning. some of the forecast area never got anything. now we're starting to see a little bit of break in there. there's some partly sunny skies. very mild. 60s and 70s. most of that rain was confined to san francisco and south san francisco. over to oakland and then parts of the east bay, south bay nothing, very, very little. only a tiny bit. most of it was not measurable. just a trace. almost all of it is gone now. it was okay for a while on the north coast but then it started to fall apart. crescent city had about .05. had a little bit down towards big sur. we're on the back side of all of this. it's clearing out rapidly. at noon, sun and clouds. breezy for some. there will be slow clearing but we will get more sun. 60s and 70s. 66 san francisco. oakland, 67. san jose, 66 under mostly cloudy skies. 62, 63 tahoe and re knee. everyone is -- reno. everyone is close on the temperatures. the system came up to
am not saying the states were wrong, they actually got economic activity, benefit from it, but don't expect us to retro actively pay you for your decisions. >> the u.s. house and senate are considering bills to refund a total of 2 billion taxpayer dollars. >>> crab season is now officially underway in the bay area, many crab fishermen set their crab pots yesterday and began bringing them in early this morning as soon as the season opened at midnight. this is the first season of the a new crab pot limit. there are 7 tiers they qualify for based on what they caught between 20003 and 2008. the most they can throw out is about 500. >> across the entire bay area lots of sunshine here, temperatures have been cooling off and that trend will continue into the weekend. here is a live camera toward the south bay in san jose nothing but clear, that also -- that is also the story in our satellite right now. here you can see on the satellite the low clouds and fog are making a come back, basically offshore but most of the pay area in the clear, a few patches there and that is it. >>> as far as
week with the police union. the poa says they don't understand what took the city so long to give into this deal that they had previously asked for. >> i'm thankful that this money will help some of our officers keep their homes and hopefully we've turned a corner. the problem here with this deal is that in 2015-2016 our officers are gonna make what they were making in 2009. >> reporter: union leaders say they are not sure if this will stop the bleeding that's going on at the department. they say it may help slow down the number of officers leaving. now, this agreement still needs to be ratified by the rank and file officers. the poa says that that vote will take place on the 246th. report -- on the 26th. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> well, a man is dead after exchanging gunfire with sonoma county sheriff's deputies in guerneville. it happened after 11:00 last night at the river lane resort on first street. a woman called 911 saying her intoxicated husband had a rifle, was suicidal and threatened to kill her. the dispatcher
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